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Public Sector

The public sector comprises a broad range of services and institutions that supports our safety and well being. All these require fast and efficient waste handling.

Quick and cost-effective waste solutions

Modern society demands that hospitals, public administrations, schools, universities and prisons to run smoothly in all respects. This is relevant from a service related point of view, but also when it comes to handling waste. One thing all public institutions share is the challence of waste handling. Some waste can be recycled. Toxic waste needs special handling. And waste from large kitchens is incinerated. Paper, plastic and recyclable materials take up space and need to be managed quickly and efficiently. Naturally, waste types and volumes differ according to the type of institution and its size, but everywhere efficient waste handling is an important factor in reducing overall costs.


Compacted bales free up space

A thorough assessment of how an institution is handling waste can lead to considerable cost savings and ease-of-flow. Not two activities generate identical waste streams or require the same management procedures. Therefore choosing the right partner is crucial to your success with respect to waste handling and disposal. Bramidan’s compaction solutions are ideal for any institution. Whether it is a school, a university or a post office, our balers promote swift handling of loose waste and a more hygienic and efficient work environment. Compacting cardboard boxes, soft plastics and other recyclable materials into high-density bales increases the floor area, keeps passages tidy and free of clutter.

One supplier for all your recycling needs

When your employees use a Bramidan baler to compact waste, they facilitate a cleaner, more effective workspace. They also increase the floor and passage area, creating a smoother workflow. Rely on our experience to help you choose the solution that is perfect for your institution. You’ll not only enjoy improved internal logistics, but you’ll soon notice the increased revenues on recyclable materials.